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Why Choose Us?

Though we are a new start up company we are experienced caterers with a passion for producing hearty, nutritious and satisfying meals.

  • We provide dining solutiuons: Stock up your deep freeze with our scrumtious home made ready meals and order gourmet meals when you entertain - see our Private Dining and Cooking for Crowds categories.
  • Our premium products are designed for people with discerning palates, too busy to cook for themselves.
  • Our homemade ready meals are completely free of any preservatives.
  • Great taste, excellent value because our meaty ready meals contain generous portions of real meat
  • Yummy vegetarian and vegan options available
  • Seasonal menus ensure frequent changes
  • We use the best ingredients available so that nothing goes to waste
  • We use the same cooking techniques you would use at home ensuring full flavoured, well rounded traditional meals.
  • We support our eco-aware clients by choosing environmentally friendly one and two portion ready meal packaging.
  • We love to chat about meeting your meal needs, so please call us on 01949 938105.

Asparagus starter

Fillet of Beef, Pesto on a bed of Chard

Crab Cups